Between drawing and writing, these picture-words intrigue, legible upside-down or back to front. The graphic creations called ambigrams look like graceful and cool logos ! Through a subtil game of reversible calligraphy, the signs turn, rotate, flip, like curious appearances ! Original and poetic, the magic words that change directions must be seen with "reflexion" !

  • Talents : admire more wonderful ambigrams designed by talentuous authors...
  • Tools : for amateurs and beginners, everything about the art and the manner to elaborate ambigrams : technique, research, generators, links, tools, advise...
  • Design & graphism : design, aesthetism, functionality, graphic design, identity, packaging, composition, graphic art, fine art and illustration.
  • Logo : definition, design, colors, process, world logos...
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  • Calligraphy : calligraphy, typography, graffiti, lettering, font design, typefaces, style, culture & identity.
  • Drawing : painting, visual art, optical illusions.
  • symmetry : symmetry in the nature, M.C. ESCHER's tessellations.
  • Anagram : famous and magical anagrams & palindromes !